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The Heritage Network finally reunited

Despite the distance, the Heritage Network is always working on enhancing Indo-European cooperation and we have to say that online conferences help!

on June 27, 2020

This virtual consortium meeting was a good opportunity to get an overview of the current situation linked to the coronavirus both in India and in Europe. In both areas of the world, higher education institutions are getting ready to start their next semester online and are implementing their local government decisions while trying to keep up with their usual quality of teaching and research.

A keynote presentation on the Indian grading system and admission process in post-secondary education was also given to the European partners for a better understanding of the Indian educational system (PDF). 

Three prospective members, who wanted to apply during the General Assembly due to be held in IIT Guwahati last March, finally had the chance to introduce themselves to the Network:
The discussions then led to the formation of a thinking group around Indo-European cooperation in the light of coronavirus impact on HEI activities.

Thank you again to all our members for their positive energy and ideas!
Published on July 1, 2020 Updated on July 31, 2020