How to host a webinar

What are the Heritage Network Webinar Series?

The Heritage Webinar Series aim at raising awareness on member institutions research facilities and projects to foster cooperation and promote joint India-EU research projects.

The first Webinar will be broadcast on March 11, 2021. The Heritage Network plans to organize Webinars on a monthly basis.

How to apply to host a Webinar?

To host a Webinar, your institution must be a member of the Heritage Network (see list of members). It is the Heritage Network contact of each institution who has to submit the application to host a Webinar.
  1. Identify a field of innovation/excellence for which your institution has been cooperating with Indian/EU counterparts
  2. Contact local professors of that field, they'll have to get in touch with their Indian/EU counterpart
  3. Prepare the Webinar application form (download form) and send it to
Published on February 11, 2021 Updated on September 14, 2021